World café a Corvinuson


18.11. 2008.


Contact and predesign by Bernadett Klinger / AIESEC/ and Agota Ruzsa /SOLHu/,
Facilitated by: Hegyi Nóra – Strenner Szilárd, SoL in Hungary

More than 60 people attended

The occasion of the Café was the Annual Partnership conference of AIESEC, Corvinus University, Budapest (
2 young leaders of the organisation have experienced alternative dialogue and conversation based conferences facilitated by Agota Ruzsa in the spring and got interested in designing sth new for their annual event. Thus they came to consult us at SoL in Hungary, which focuses TWC activities.
With choosing the World Café approach the AIESEC intended to take a step towards deeper understanding and cooperation with partner organizations through powerful conversation on future opportunities and common actions.

Further purposes of the event were to:
§ Gain new perspectives
§ Create more personal contacts
§ Collect feedback from partners about AIESEC
§ Represent AIESEC as an equal partner
§ Experience new ways of conversation

The invitation was from 14.30-18.00
We started the Café short after 15.00


As people entered, they were encouraged to look around in the room and experienced the setting and atmosphere created by the students and facilitators. At registration of the participants we greeted them personally in the room and introduced them to the setting and the intent.
Relaxing music track was played all the time until the opening.
It was quite difficult to create Café atmosphere in the room. Unfortunately there was no natural light and no flowers and decoration. We used café stamps in big printed formats and place coloured papers on every table. On each table there were candles, one piece of the ‘Café to go’ poster in Hungarian, snacks, flipchart papers and markers in different dark and bright colours.
The actual event process
While people were having some snacks and drinks, the room got filled up with young people from the university, and their invited business partners. People were asked to take a seat at the café tables. The Head of the Budapest office of AIESEC opened the event, which was called: We take the future in our hands. She pointed out their willingness to extend their cooperation with partners through the dialoge event related to crucial questions on partnership and widening the fields of shared actions. She explained the reason of the café setting emphasizing it as an opportunity to create meaningful conversations and come to a deeper level of understanding.

A short film was played about AIESEC and their Partners and different for profit and non-profit organizations were introduced.

An introduction was made by a former AIESEC member who is an OD consultant. He focused on topical and interrelated themes and questions:
How we create our future
What conversations lead to actions
Inspiring communities
Community of practice
Connection between SOL and Youth
Role of dialogue und understanding

As participants had never experienced or heard about the Café process, Nóra gave a short explanation of the Café etiquette and clarified the principles and process shortly. During the introduction Szilard made some visual history graphics on big sheets of papers, and just before we set off into the conversations – the main ideas behind the images had been emphasised.

The first round was focused on the question, „What brought you here?”
After the first round Nóra asked every table to write a word or short sentence or draw a symbol about the essence of the table dialogue. Every table shared its essence with the whole group and we posted the light green coloured papers on the wall.

The second question was: “What is our real opportunity under the recent economic situation?”

We followed the same pattern as in the first round and asked the participants to share the essence of their talk and put it on yellow papers and post them.

In the third round the conversation was about, „What possibilities for innovation do you see in this partnership?” The third question evoked responses overlapping with the second one, which was our intention. It seemed to work very well that we inspired them continuously to go more personal, and deepen the insights of the second round.

They put keywords on blue papers and posted them.

A harvesting and closing was made in the whole group. We invited the participants to share their thoughts and experiences about the dialogues and the process in a big circle. While participants were sharing their insights, Szilárd put feelings and impressions on several sheets of flipcharts. When all could share what they needed and the drawing came to an end – Szilard fed back the audience, reflecting on the deeper content of his handwork.

Outcomes of the AIESEC Budapest World Cafe
Students could experience a new way of partnership-building,
Cooperation has been established amongst partners and students,
New insights were discovered,
Participants got new energies, enthusiasm and goals for their daily life,
Important values of the well-functioning communities had been explored, such as openness, trust, cooperation, clear goals, process, partnership, etc.
TWC facilitators got some invitations to further meetings.

TWC team, SoL Hungary

Kollektiv intelligencia

Kollektiv intelligencia

Kollektiv intelligencia: The World Café

Kollektiv intelligencia: The World Café

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