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Arnold Mindell on Worldwork, London 2008

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Arnold Mindell on Worldwork, London 2008


Seeding Deep Democracy – Vandana Shiva

European Revolution 29th May 2011, Athens, Greece

European Gatherings for the Emergence of Real Democracy…from Spain to Greece

Dear AOH friends,

Yesterday evening I was part of a most amazing experience that deeply touched my heart….and gives me great hope for the future.

The Revolution in the streets of Madrid… on my way to Ceuta as part of a systems thinking in education project, we had two nights in Madrid and as it happened …our hotel is just right in the heart of the youth swaming and walking, chatting and deeply conversing at all corners and plazas you can find. Puerto del SOL  and Pl.Del Carmen is packed with them and NO ALCOHOL, No huge, emetionally arousing and popularizing BIG speeches…as they simply state: Democracy and no partitocracy… and the way they go about is the most beautifully elaborated street Open Space, esp. of what I saw at Carmen they gather around a tree or a stone or so, all sitting in circule speak in – I guess – consciously chosen low voice, those wanting to share a though sign up, no shouting and fierce debate, just simply talking and LISTENING one person after the other…circles of conversations all over… ca. in 15-20 topics, and some more spontaneous gatherings…no brutality, no harshness, no alcohol, no liittering of an immense scale..
I just saw one ” running away” of those youth who wanted to disturb the gathering with flag from Franco’s times, whom these ‘revolutionist ‘ wanted to go away… People of all ages walk in the streets, listen in ( there are no butterflies really,  only  theme keepers and also bumble bees but mostly seriously dedicated young faces deeply caring about themes like energy, climate change, education, politics, daily realities,  etc.

I feel so glad to have been excperiencing it and deeply trustful….Agota Ruzsa

Agota E.Ruzsa,
Systemic coach&facilitátor,Dialogos Partners,

Dear all inspired by this we have been talking to mates in Barcelona who are telling us about whats happening – they have talked about a huge self organised human movement coming from the people asking for electoral change.  That the banks don’t bank roll elections and spend loads of money on campaigning,that the lists for voting are open for people but not political parties. That people have had enough of the current system and are looking for something better.  Today was a day of local elections

People put their ideas forward in assemblies which have been set up on many street corners and plazas – anyone can speak and is listened to, ideas are being harvested in a huge document to send to the government, smaller groups of people are just forming quiet conversation groups all over the city. Its time to change to build a better society together, democracy belongs to the people is the message people are speaking Http:// reports 600 cities globally taking over their plazas in conversation

The government is really surprised by how peaceful and self organised this movement is.  Its not being led by the unions but by the people and by hundreds of volunteers, cooking huge cazuelas for people to share on the streets, drs and nurses are volunteering and now lawyers are volunteering to help make the movement legally stronger.   People are cleaning up and not littering `and everyone is amazed by the power of this.  There are young and old people joining in and our mates talked about being able to see hope in the future. My thanks go to the east for setting the tone.

Most amazing to me is the absolute lack of reporting about this in the media here in the UK

Something is on the move…….Whats happening in your part of the world ?

Love Linda xx


Dear wonder~ful international community of the AoH,

The Spanish have finally awaken the Greeks!!!
That slogan of theirs: “Shhh let us not awake the Greeks!” finally worked!!!

Tens of gatherings are being organised as we speak in the squares, circular 
squares, of Greek cities.. There is one here in Rhodes, too… Initiated just

below the knees of Alexandros Diakos statue, by the shores of the Aegean sea. 
He was the first young Greek (only 16 years old) to fall dead in WW II…

With this message I’m asking you to hold us… to hold this proud people in 
their journey of claiming dignity, the right to a self~expression of sustainability beyond IMF 
and other controling mechanisms of suffocation,
to hold us in our truthful journey in claiming who we are and can be!…

With gratitude to the holding and inspiring power of this network,


One of the hundreds Co~holders of the “Aganaktistas”, the Greek version of 
Thank you for your holding and powerful prayer…
Gatherings were all peaceful yesterday…
Some 20.000 gathered at the Constitution (Syntagma) Square in Athens, 7.000 at the White Tower (Lefkos Pyrgos)
in Thessaloniki… Around 500 of us by Alexandros Diakos rising and stretching statue in Rhodes…
A couple of slogans, shouted loudly were: ” We have woken up!” & “We do not need any chambermaids!”
Gatherings are continuing today in big cities ~ Sunday we gather again in Rhodes!
Meeting each other in open spaces… public spaces… Sensing into the new world being on her way ~visibly now! 

Here are some images from the gatherings…

Thank you again  ~ We need each other ~ Only together we are wise and effective!
Aganaktistas hold immense positive change power!

Love & Filia,

Thank you, Toke, thank you Beatriz, thank you Mary Alice,
thank you Maria mou & all in Axladitsa and all here~
we are soooo connected!
I can really feel wise warrior Goddess Athena is at play here…
People are talking about a Moral R~evolution… Ηθική Επανάσταση…
Ethos is in the centre… We Greeks can feel the vibration of this word…
and then we say: ethos~poiesis the creation of ethos: morality…
So yes, Toke: It is a fight for sanity AND a fight for Morality…

And I really hear your question:

What kind of ancestor do you want to become?
And I respond to that with the wisdom of the density of time and shift by asking another question:
Who are your partners? Who are the mates? Who are you sharing this space with ~ for it takes them, first,
 to see the future
of the next generation?… And we go step by step …to keep the sanity!
It’s a time of recognition then: Who are we? Who are we the ones we have been waiting for?
Let’s get out in the streets and the squares and find ourselves to then co~create our destiny…
the dream, the future, the paradise!… Who are the partners?! What role each play?
Do not hide! The dream is a live and kicking and it’s asking for feed~ers!
The word partner in Greek is syntrofos, which means co~nurse, co~nourisher…
So: We feed each other: With courage, with love, with compassion, with words like:
“We are at your back ~ We are Proud of you ~ We pray…”
It’s a time for looking each other in the eyes and recognising each other….
It’s time for Recognition~ Identification ~ Acknowledgment : Anagnorissi!
And Homer whould have a lot of stories to share with us and teach us the power of recognition!
…I need to correct the figures as now they become clearer: There were 70.000 people in Athens last night…
And a new gathering is happening there and other cities as we speak!…
And there is a new website~ meeting place of all gatherings with reflections, inspirations etc.:
From there I translate:
Νομίζω ότι μπορώ να το αλλάξουμε.
I think we can change this.
Νομίζω ότι μπορώ να βοηθήσω.
I think I can help.
Ξέρω ότι μαζί μπορούμε.
I know that we can together.
Παρέα με εμάς. Είναι δικαίωμά σας
In company with us. It is our right to do so.
With love, gratitude & filia~friendship,
Dearest Ria & friends,
My heart responded with a smile when you said “what is happening in ΄your’ country”…
For I feel how this very country is a Mother country for Europe…
Somehow, then, a piece of  “your” country, too…
I’m just back from a Workshop~Learning Journey~Field Research on the Wetlands of Rhodes…
So I had not been in direct contact with the movement… but the water and some critical connections
that happened during this time speak of this:
~ Syntagma square in Athens is being transformed into some serious collective conversation space day after day…
~Experimental “parliaments” and communities around various “fires” are showing up…
~Crap stuff (i.e. hijacking by political parties, hardliners, lack of compassion, violations, violence… etc…)
   is not on the guest~starring list of this emergence… despite of frustration and huge public contemn of the current and past
   political/governing power…
The website~hub of  this movement is now offering snapshots of harvest in many languages:
Here is the English one:
~A multi~dimensional creative village in the city seems to be arising here: cultural, environmental & civic engagement initiatives
leading the way…
Here are two videos from the gatherings in Rhodes, a friend shared on FBook:
Hope you can see these; if not let me know and we’ll find a way..
This is HUGE and it really needs some serious holding…
Thank you for being there… to breathe the collective meaning of the word DEMOCRACY ~ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ…
ΦΙΛΙΑ & Solidarity,